Wally Pacholka's Photography has been featured on NASA's Hale-Bopp Site, published in over 100 newspapers worldwide, and seen on CNN,ABC,CBS,and NBC NEWS!

Here are a few of his accomplishments

  • Astronomy Magazine - August 2012 Issue - Three page spread with 11 photographs. The article was also written by Wally Pacholka.
  • NASA "APOD" (Astronomy Picture of the Day) Wally has been featured 44 times, the most of any landscape Photographer.
  • Life Magazine 2009 - Quote from editor of LIFE magazine: "...about your photos, I think LIFE has many
    beautiful ones in our recent hardcover edition of
    "Hidden America",but yours make the book very very
  • Life Magazine Book "Hidden America" 2009 - Featured in 2 Page Spread and the back cover. Back Cover - Milky Way over Delicate Arch in Utah, and 2 Page Spread of "Milky Way over Moonlit Haleakala"
  • Life Magazine "America the Beautiful" 2007
  • Sky and Telescope Magazine's Featured: International Year of Astronomy Magazine "Beautiful Universe" 2009 - Featured in 7 out of 82 images, including the cover and centerfold spread.
  • SoJournes Magazine - Summer-Fall 2008
  • TIME Magazine Picture of Year Award 2003
  • Life Magazine Picture of Year Award 2003
  • Encyclopedia Britannia Science Book Image 1999
  • Time-Life Encyclopedia 1998
  • Encyclopedia Britannia Book of Year Image 1998
  • National Geographic Image for Hale-Bopp 1998
  • Time Magazine Picture of the year 1997
  • Time Magazine Annual Picture of the year 1997
  • Astronomy Magazine - July 2012 Issue



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